Tortured for 44 days.

On November 25, 1988 Junko Furuta was kidnapped by four teenage boys who went to school with the girl. The boys took Junko to one of the boy’s parents house where she was tortured for 44 days.

While she was being  held hostage the boys made her call her parents to tell them she had run away, and that she would be at a friends house. The boy’s parents were aware that Junko was in the house however they did nothing to stop the torture the young girl of only 16-years endured. Junko was constantly abused and tortured, being rape and beaten. 44 Days Of Hell – The murder story of Junko Furuta.

Junko was keep naked, more than 100 men are believed to have raped her, she was starved, dehydrated, beaten with golf clubs, burned, nipple was removed, and objects were stuffed inside of her vagina and anus including fireworks. Sadly the list doesn’t end here, for 44 day her life was a living hell, until the boys were done with her on November 22, 1989 the boys lit her on fire and stuffed her body into a tub of concrete and disposed of her body. KIDNAPPED GIRL TORTURED FOR 44 DAYS.

The boys names were Miyano Hiroshi, Minato Nobuharu, Jo Kamisaku, Watanabe Yasushi. These boys were arrested, tried as minors and then as adults, however, all of them are out now due to the  minimal sentencing.

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